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Academic Council

The Academic Council of the Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music is a collegiate governing body. In its work the Academic Council of the Academy is guided by the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”, regulatory documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Charter of the Academy and the Regulations on the Academic Council.

Members of the Academic Council

of the Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music

  1. Maksym TYMOSHENKO – Chairman of the Academic Council, Rector
  2. Viktor BONDARCHUK – Deputy Chairman of the Academic Council, Vice-Rector for Educational Work
  3. Tetiana ANDRUSHCHENKO – Scientist Secretary
  4. Mykhailo MYMRYK – Vice-rector for Educational, Creative Work and International Relations
  5. Adriana SKORYK – Vice-rector for Scientific Work
  6. Oleksandr BENZIUK – Dean of the Folk Instruments Faculty
  7. Anton KUSHNIR – Dean of the Orchestra Faculty
  8. Olena OSOKA – Dean of the Piano Faculty
  9. Oleksandr OLEKSIIENKO – Dean of the Vocal and Conducting Faculty
  10. Maryna SEVERYNOVA – Dean of the Historical and Theoretical, Composer Faculty and the Foreign Students Faculty
  11. Tetiana ANDRUSHCHENKO – Head of the Social Sciences Department
  12. Valentyna ANTONIUK – Head of the Chamber Singing Department
  13. Mykola BALANKO – Head of the Brass and Percussion Instruments Department
  14. Roman VOVK – Head of the Wooden Wind Instruments Department
  15. Dmytro HAVRYLETS – Head of the String and Bow Instruments Department
  16. Maryna HUBARENKO – Professor of the World Music History Department
  17. Anatolii HUDKO – зав. кафедри камерного ансамблю
  18. Oleksandr DIACHENKO – Head of the Opera Singing Department
  19. Valeriia ZHARKOVA – Head of the World Music History Department
  20. Viktor ZDORENKO– Head of the Opera Symphonic Conducting Department
  21. Anatolii ILIIN – Head the Concertmaking Department
  22. Yevdokiia KOLESNYK – Head of the Opera Training and Music Directing Department
  23. Iryna KOKHANYK – Head of the Music Theory Department
  24. Sviatoslav LYTVYNENKO – Head of the Orchestral Conducting and Instrument Science Department
  25. Nataliia LUKASHENKO – Head of the General and Specialized Piano Department
  26. Liubov MATVIICHCHUK – Head of the Folk Instruments Department
  27. Viktor MOSKALENKO – Head of the Music Performance Theory and History Department
  28. Bohdana PIVNENKO – Head of the Violin Department
  29. Tetiana ROSHCHYNA– Head of the Special Piano №2 Department
  30. Yevhen SAVCHUK – Head of the Choral Conducting Department
  31. Myroslav SKORYK– Head of the History of Ukrainian Music and Music Folkloristics
  32. Nadiia SOLOGUB – Head of the Languages Department
  33. Yevhen STANKOVYCH – Head of the Composition, Instrumentation and Music Information Technology Department
  34. Liudmyla FEDOROVA – Head of the Bandura Department
  35. Yevheniia CHERKAZOVA – Head of the Accordion and Bayan Department
  36. Tetiana HRUDNYTSKA – Head of the Trade Union Committee, Head of the HR Department
  37. Nadiia KALIBERDA – Director of the Library
  38. Victor ROMANUTSKY – Director of the Opera Studio
  39. Oksana SAPIGA – Head of Educational and Methodical Department
  40. Olena SHEVCHENKO – Chief Accountant
  41. Anna DROBYSH – Postgraduate student (2 years of study)
  42. Bohdan RUMIANTSEV – Chairman of the Student Council
  43. Anna HOROBYNSKA– student of ITF
  44. Dariia KOSHELEVA – student of the Piano Faculty
  45. Dariia NAZYMCHUK – student of the Vocal Faculty
  46. Alina NECHAY – student of the Folk Instruments Faculty
  47. Victoriia TYSHYK – student of the Orchestra Faculty