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Center of Musical Ukrainian Studies

Hero of Ukraine M. Skoryk Center of Musical Ukrainian Studies of Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music.

The Center for Ukrainian Music Studies implements a course on the development, generalization and coordination of strategic directions and programs of the musical culture of Ukraine.

The Center sees its mission in the moral and spiritual enrichment of Ukrainian society in the field of national and world musical art on the basis of consolidating the intellectual potential of the professorial staff of the NAU named after P.I. Tchaikovsky, teachers of domestic and foreign institutions of higher education, scientists from various fields of humanitarianism, prominent figures of world culture, representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora, etc.

The implementation of the Center’s mission involves the holding of various events (conferences, seminars, concerts, etc.), project activities, preparation of scientific publications, and is collectively carried out in three directions: scientific and research, cultural and educational, and musical and educational.

Today, the Hero of Ukraine M.M. Skoryk Center of Ukrainian Music Studies continues the traditions established by I.F. Lyashenko, coordinates the scientific and creative work of executive departments of the academy, directs its efforts to the organization of joint conferences, round tables, symposia, webinars, and competitions. Over the years of fruitful cooperation with the Department of Theory and History of Culture, the Department of History of Ukrainian Music and Musical Folklore, the Department of History of World Music, the Department of Theory and History of Music Performance, the Department of Music Theory, the Department of Early Music, and the Laboratory of Music and Information Technologies of P.I. Tchaikovsky, the scientific activity of the Center expanded and was enriched with invaluable experience and many new projects.
Currently, the activities of the Center for Ukrainian Music Studies are primarily aimed at the implementation of long-term projects:
– International cultural and artistic festival in memory of the Hero of Ukraine, laureate of the National Prize of Ukraine named after T.G. Shevchenko, Academician Myroslav Skoryk;
– International scientific conference “Value dimensions of the cultural and artistic activity of Myroslav Skoryk”;
– International scientific and practical conference “Ukraine. Europe. World”;
– Scientific journal “Ukrainian Musicology”;
– Conversation club “Ukrainian about art”.